Rounded-off prices make shopping decisions straight-forward, rather than causing unwise choices.

Tom Bender

In a small greengrocer's in Kyoto a couple of years ago
it was startling to see that all the prices were in simple, easy-to-add
round numbers like ours used to be. They read '500¥en for 200 grams', instead
of the '$3.95 for 8-3/4 oz ' which we've become accustomed to at home.

We pay most attention to the first number in a price,
and unconsciously register a 49¢ price as being significantly less than a 50¢ one.
That quirk in our perceptions, along with non-standard sizes,
is used to confuse us as to the real cost of things.

More than just shopping decisions, the simple Kyoto prices
brought into sharp focus how universal and invisible deceit has become in our society.
Our acceptance of this is frightening.

Would you consider changing your pricing patterns
to show your respect for us as customers and make our buying decisions easier?

SIMPLE PRICES is a way to begin changing our lives
to honor each other and bring about good for all.

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