Tom Bender

Some TB publications focused on architecture and the sacred:

15 Jan. 2008 •






Plasma Universe


"Places Touching Spirit", 14 July 2006.


"Living Architecture", Bringing Buildings to Life Symposium, 18 May 2006.  Chapter in forthcoming BIOPHILIC DESIGN book.


"Sacred Art, Sacred Space", 27 March 2006.


THE CAVE TEMPLES OF INDIA, Video and DVD, Fire River Press, Sept. 2004.


"Putting Heart Back Into Our Homes" ANOTHER KIND OF SPACE Creating Ecological Dwellings Alen Dearling with Graham Meltzer ed. '03


LEARNING TO COUNT WHAT REALLY COUNTS: The Economics of Wholeness, Fire River Press, 2002.  (This is sustainable economics based on systems, ecology, qi energy and the sacred - and which delivers 10 times the effectiveness of what we have today.)


"Portals to the Spirit World," SHAMAN'S DRUM, Sept. '01.


“Hospice: Gateways of Life and Death,” Oct. 2000.  HEALING MINISTRY, Nov-Dec '01.


FENG SHUI Calendar, w/ Gary Braasch.  Amber Lotus, 1999 through 2009.


BUILDING WITH THE BREATH OF LIFE: Working with Chi Energy in Our Homes and Communities, Fire River Press, Sept. 2000.


"Finding the Soul of Natural Building", in ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUCTION, L. Elizabeth and C. Adams, ed., John Wiley & Sons. 2000.


SILENCE, SONG, and SHADOWS:  Our Need for the Sacred in Our Surroundings, Fire River Press, January 2000.


"The Shrine of the Mountain and the Waters", March 1997.


"Building with a Soul", in DIALOGS WITH THE LIVING EARTH, James & Roberta Swan, 1996.


"The Sacred Roots of Sustainable Design", Sept. 1995.


"Feeling At Home - Multi-Cultural Design in Australia", Sept. 1995.


"Being At Home", RESURGENCE #169, March 1995.


"The Spiritual Heart of Sustainable Communities", May 1994.  Reprinted in HEART OF PLACE, 1993; and IN CONTEXT, Issue 44, July, 1996.  webpub @ 


"Touchstones - Seven Tests", Dec. 1993.  Reprinted in THE HEART OF PLACE, 1993, and DIALOGS WITH THE LIVING EARTH, Swan & Swan, ed. 1996.


"Transforming Tourism", EARTH ETHICS, Summer 1993.  Reprinted in IN CONTEXT, Issue 44, July, 1996.  webpub @


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"Towards A Sacred Society", THE URBAN ECOLOGIST, Spring 1993.


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"Sacred Building", SPIRIT OF PLACE CONFERENCE, 1989


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"Feng-Shui:  Energy and Place", 1972.  Reprinted as "Feng-Shui:  Earth Acupuncture", EAST-WEST JOURNAL, July 1973; in ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN PRIMER, 1973; and in ECOSHELTER DESIGN MANUAL, Lawrence Schechter, 1996.